We are a network of over 40 organizations representing over two million people, and growing.

  1. Air Alliance Houston
  2. Backbone Campaign
  3. Bay Area Healthy 880 Communities
  4. California Cleaner Freight Coalition
  5. Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice
  6. Central California Environmental Justice Network
  7. Central Valley Air Quality Coalition
  8. Charleston Community Research to Action Board/Low Country Alliance for Model Communities
  9. Citizens for a Sustainable Future
  10. Clean Air Council
  11. CleanAirNow
  12. Clean Water Action, Clean Water Fund
  13. Coalition for a Safe Environment
  14. Coalition for Healthy Ports (NY/NJ)
  15. Comite Civico Del Valle
  16. Diesel Health Project
  17. Earthjustice
  18. East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice
  19. Eastern Environmental Law Center
  20. End Oil
  21. Environmental Health Coalition
  22. Global Community Monitor
  23. Green Latinos
  24. Harambee House, Inc./Citizens for Environmental Justice
  25. Ironbound Community Corporation
  26. J Gordon Community Development Corporation
  27. Little Village Environmental Justice Organization
  28. Long Beach Alliance for Children with Asthma
  29. Mobile Environmental Justice Action Coalition 
  30. National Nurses United
  31. Natural Resources Defense Council
  32. New Jersey Environmental Justice Alliance
  33. Puget Sound Sage
  34. Regional Asthma Management and Prevention
  35. Respiratory Health Association
  36. Southeast CARE Coalition
  37. Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision
  38. Steps Coalition
  39. Sunflower Alliance
  40. Sustainability Action Network
  41. Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services
  42. The New School
  43. The Impact Project
  44. Union of Concerned Scientists
  45. Southern California Environmental Health Centers based at USC
  46. Urban & Environmental Policy Institute, Occidental College
  47. West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project
  48. Historic Northeast Midtown Association
  49. Tallahassee Food Network