BNSF Railway constructing new rail line on land the City of Minneapolis and neighbors say is theirs

Source: Citizens in Peril

Check out the video linked below to see what BNSF is doing to its neighbors in Minneapolis. They’ve torn down a tree line that absorbed pollution and noise from their railroad line, build a retaining wall through neighbor’s yards, and are preparing to build a new track very close to their homes.

The City of Minneapolis asked them to stop construction while they work out the property issues, but BNSF has not done so. 

Nearby residents have banded together as Citizens in Peril.    I hope they are conducting Particulate Matter monitoring to be sure the higher pollution levels they are exposed to due to the removal of the treeline barrier aren’t an acute health risk.    

Do you know?  The deadly diesel exhaust pollution from rail yards, ports, and other facilities is completely unregulated.  Railroads can and do dump as much diesel exhaust pollution as they want into nearby communities.  Diesel exhaust includes dangerous nitrogen dioxide and dozens of other toxins linked to cancer, asthma attacks, dementia, reduced lung function in children, autism and more.  

Please help urge the EPA to regulate this dangerous source of pollution:

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