Environmental Health Coalition launches Web-based Leadership Training Program for Environmental Justice leaders

The Salta training sessions  Source: EHC
The SALTA Community Leadership Training Program was developed by the very effective Environmental Health Coalition (EHC) of San Diego.  It is available in Spanish and English and looks very promising.  Click here for more information.


Bilingual leadership training program has empowered more than 2,000 individuals 
SAN DIEGO, August 7, 2015 – Today, Environmental Health Coalition (EHC) released its first online version of its leadership training program, now available for free download by visiting the organization’s website. The training, SALTA (Salud Ambiental, Líderes Tomando Acción – Environmental Health, Leaders Taking Action), has been field-tested and proven through work with more than 2,000 San Diego and Tijuana environmental justice leaders.

These SALTA graduates have successfully advocated for sustainable community plans, a Climate Action Plan for the Port of San Diego, alternatives to freeway expansion of SR-94 and other environmental health solutions for their neighborhoods. Now, SALTA’s field-tested knowledge is distilled into a nine-lesson toolkit available in English and Spanish for community activists throughout the world.
“SALTA was born from decades of working with community members that wanted to build their skills to become community leaders and advocate for policy change,” says Environmental Health Coalition Executive Director Diane Takvorian. “Now, we have a leadership training tool that empowers people to look at their neighborhood and say, ‘This isn’t right, and I’m going to take action to build the healthy community I want to live in.’”
The SALTA curriculum contains nine interactive and free downloadable sessions that include instructional videos, learning materials, maps and presentations for facilitators and students. The materials, available in both English and Spanish, distill the best practices of community organizing and features case studies from real communities striving to achieve social and environmental justice. 
“This training isn’t just another course you take, earn a certificate and forget. This is a learning experience that changes people’s lives,” says EHC’s Leadership Development Director Leticia Ayala. “We’re sharing SALTA because of the overwhelming demand we’ve had for it, and we hope families, neighbors and organizations use it to empower local resident leaders and the entire environmental justice community.”
To access SALTA and learn more about its history of empowering community members in San Diego, please click here.