WSJ Reports on Moving Forward Network. Join our Campaign for EPA to Regulate Port & Railyard Air Pollution!

Photo: University of Southern California

Are you one of the tens of millions of Americans exposed to dangerous diesel exhaust air pollution from ports or railyards?

Diesel exhaust air pollution causes cancer, cardiovascular and lung diseases, and premature death, and has been linked to a growing number of other diseases, including asthmaAlzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, dementia, preterm birth, low birth weight, autismdecreased lung function in children, and hyperactivity.

You don’t have to take it anymore.

How do we stop this assault on public health?  As NRDC attorney Melissa Lin Perella told the  Wall Street Journal, “Until there’s pressure from outside, ports and industry stakeholders will not clean up unilaterally.”

The Moving Foward Network is leading the battle to exert that pressure.  The EPA has the authority to clean up ports and railyards, and millions of us have joined to ask them to stop this assault on our health.

The technology exists to make this possible.  All it takes to make port and railyard operators act responsibly is the political will.

Read the Wall Street Journal Article, Coastal Communities Fight to Slow Seaports Surge, and add your voice to our effort to protect vulnerable communities.

To add your voice and help save lives, please visit the Zero Campaign website, sign our petition to EPA asking them to clean up port and railyard air pollution, and enroll your organization as an endorser.

Huffington Post reports on MFN Meeting with EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, and Request for Help for Overburdened Port & Railyard Communities

Earlier this week,  Huffington Post reporter Robert Baldwin III spent two days in Washington, D.C. with over 15 Moving Forward Network members from overburdened communities across the United States and national environmental groups, and wrote an excellent news article.

Among our group were representatives from California, Florida, Kansas, New Jersey, South Carolina, and Texas port and railyard communities, Earthjustice, the National Resources Defense Council, and the Moving Forward Network national office.

While in Washington, we met with staff from several EPA organizations, presented Senator Cory Booker with an award, and visited other congressional offices. We capped off our trip with a meeting with EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy and her staff.

During the meeting, several of our members described the port and railyard pollution in their communities, and the public health impacts. We asked Administrator McCarthy to set up a cross-agency team to evaluate our recommendations for cleaning up ports and railyards, and plan how the EPA will take action.

Administrator McCarthy listened carefully, emphasized that she shares our concerns about port and rail yard air pollution, and asked thoughtful questions. We anticipate a response within a few weeks.

Check out this excellent Huffington Post article:

Diesel Pollution Is Affecting Dozens of Communities. Will The EPA Act? Emissions from freight facilities disproportionately affect blacks and Latinos.

To learn more about our recommendations for cleaning up ports and railyards, and to sign our petition to the EPA, please click below: